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a story in photographs

When I was buying my first camera I thought it was going to be about landscapes, street photography, architecture, and that product photography might end up paying the bills some day. I knew I was going to really enjoy taking photos because I was already going out and doing a lot of photography with my iPhone.

iPhone SE

While I was deciding which camera to buy, a really good photographer my wife works with took me out with a couple of cameras he borrowed from work. At this point I'd never even held a proper camera before. We went out in the dark, in the rain and our aim was to shoot some street photography, with the lights of Liverpool reflecting off the wet streets.

When I was going through the images at home the next day, I immediately said something to my wife that I'll remember forever... "my favourite ones are the ones with people in"


The next photograph is my favourite from that night. My settings were way off, it's blurry, he's not properly in focus (the wall is?), it was underexposed, and you can barely see his face, but he's doing something. Not knowing what he was doing was a lot more interesting to me than any other photo I'd taken all night. It had a potential story to it, one that would be different to everyone.

Since then, I've tried to capture a story in all my photos. Even if it's not a clear narrative, even if there's an unlimited number of potential stories that can be interpreted... I like a picture to make someone think something: "Where is that person going?", "What is she thinking about?" or even something as simple as "They look really bloody happy!" I don't think of a story as a list of events with a beginning, a middle and an end. I think of it as a "documented moment of significance". That's the best way I can put the feeling I get into words.


Wedding photography has become my main area of focus. I've always been a people person, and I pride myself on my ability to bring out the best side of them. I can't describe the feeling I get when I'm catching those moments of pure joy, or shock on grannie's face at the best man's speech, or the groom completely stunned as his bride walks down to the aisle.


The best part? Getting to know the people I work with, making friends with brilliant people all the time, and becoming a part of what will be one of the most amazing days of your life. Whatever your story, I'd love to help you tell it.

I'm Liam.  I'm obsessed with good light and great coffee and I love love love taking photographs. 


I've been married for six years to my wife, Abby and our lives are ruled by two cats: Neville (or Neil as he prefers to be called) and Luna. Yes, they are named after the Harry Potter characters - my wife is a complete book freak! She even has an instgram account all about her books. I know, right?


I'm a huge fan of films and I take most of my inspiration from movies and music.




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